Thursday, February 11, 2010

westjet screwed up my flight booking

Gotta appreciate technology that allows me to do immediate rants straight from the airport.

I'm at the toronto airport now waiting in line to clear customs after waiting at the counter for half an hour. Customs is probably going to take another 20 mins and that's when the plane is supposed to take off. Not without me. They told me at the counter that they're not Air Canada - well right now I'm getting the same angry feelings from when Air Canada screwed up my luggage and left it sitting on the tarmac.

So...they're not so different in my opinion.

I remember seeing a sign that says Westjet never oversell their flights. Talk about not living up to their promise.

Fail. Total fail.

So disappointed since I've been flying westjet for years for all my domestic flights. Time to break that loyalty chain.

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