Monday, February 8, 2010

Everyone has a Function

I spent a total of one hour taking the GO train for a meeting today and spent the trip on the way out watching something that was quite fascinating. 

On the GO train, there was a fellow in charge of Customer Service and his job was to make sure that customers got on and off the train in precisely 40 seconds that would allow him to lower the ramp, step outside while holding the speakerphone, warn passengers to stay clear of the doors, announce that the doors are closing, fold up the ramp, board the train himself and hang up the speakerphone. 

I'm not sure if I got all the steps right or if 40 seconds is an impressive record, I just think that its impressive that a customer service guy working on the GO train takes their job so seriously.  Today the guy in charge of customer service had to train a new guy - and the new guy makes the story even better; he was asking questions about whether it's faster to lower the ramp with his right hand or left, and other super detailed things that would speed up his job.  Keener in every category.

Taught me a lesson, anyone and everyone has a function in this world and they can all do some things, or at least one thing really well.  Very awesome.

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