Monday, February 22, 2010

3 Sales Mistakes You Can Avoid

The following mistakes happen so frequently when people want me to sign up for their services...just thought I would share it here and how I think they (and maybe you too) can improve their success rates.

1) Not Listening: You have done your research and you walk into the client’s office prepared to sell them on a solution that you prepared already. Great – it shows that you have done your homework, but you should still ask the client how they are currently solving the pain that your product solves and tailor your pitch and solution to their specific needs. The key to getting a sale is being a good listener – listen to what your customers need before you recommend something.

2) Pushing for a Sale: Some people say it takes 7 times of contact before someone would consider doing business with you. Of course this varies with industry, with the level of sales expertise and the product being sold; but you get the idea – sales might not happen on the first time you meet with a potential client. So what is the right way to do it? Keep in touch with new contacts that you make and you will be surprised by the amount of referrals and sales that come from these contacts.

3) Talking to the Wrong Person: So you think you are connected to the decision maker at the company you are pitching, think again. Usually the person using the product is not the person buying or is not the person signing off on the purchase (some times this may be 3 different people). So when you get a meeting set up, ask the person if they are the only person involved in the decision-making. Most likely the answer is no. Get the right people at the table and it will save you a ton of hassle and shorten your sales process.

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C & C Baker said...

Great advice! So simple, yet so many make these mistakes. Listening is so important - the best way to make a sale is to have a two way conversation with your prospect. If you find yourself doing all the talking...shut up!