Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lining up at the bank

Live blogging straight from the RBC branch on granville and 70th. This is priceless. I wish I could take a picture of the lineup with all these angry/impatient people. I've been waiting here for 10 mins now and only ONE person has moved. One person just left the lineup (smart decision).

I wonder how long it's going to take with 6 people in front of me. All I'm trying to do is deposit a check to someone's account and here I am wasting 30 minutes of my life waiting in line that I will never get back. Thanks RBC. Great customer service. Really makes me want to bank with you.

Oh, the service desk lady just gave a stuffed toy zebra to the little girl waiting with her dad, how nice. I think she should give the others cash back for waiting in line :)


Florence said...

Update: so by the time I got to the teller she told me that RBC does not take third party checks that are not guaranteed. If the RBC client wants to have someone deposit money into their account via regular check, they need to phone their bank branch and note this on the account. Who makes policies like that?! As if it's already not difficult enough to move money around. Restrictions on where you can deposit/withdraw money; restrictions on which account you can do online transfers from; restrictions on who you can receive money from - the list doesn't just go on, it doesn't END!

I quote the service person I was talking to: "We're here to help you and not make things difficult."

Well, they didn't live up to any part of that statement.

Anonymous said...
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