Friday, July 30, 2010

Winners Don't Quit (Part 2)

Since my post on Winners Don't Quit a couple days ago I've gotten quite a few emails asking whether I'm OK and what's going on. 

My only response at this time is that I"m handling the change in the business quite well and actually love the fact that we'll be able to reconnect with our roots and original goals of Changing Exchanging for the better.  I'm really living the entrepreneurial life, with things changing constantly.  After a few years doing this you no longer worry too much about tomorrow, because you never know what's going to happen tomorrow!  It's great to have an idea of what you would LIKE to see, but 100% of the time it turns out to be not what you expected...which is PERFECT because it means every day you're creating something on the fly.

That being said - we're in the midst of switching stay tuned.

So I say...bring it on industry!

We're not about to be stopped yet...not. just. yet.

PS.  For those of you that cared enough to send me an email, phone call of encouragement - this is another reason why I continue to fight to make things happen - because of my great support network!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Winners Never Quit

I've hit so many roadblocks since day 1 in this business that it doesn't come as a surprise to me anymore when I hear this line: "We can't work with you because you are in the financial industry and are a Money Service Business." 

I can't help but think that the big boys are influencing the regulations so that the growing businesses like PeerFX, that actually want to do something for the everyday consumer instead of ripping them off, cease to be on the playing field. 

Of course, I still think rules were made to be broken :)

I've spent most of my morning trying to get on board with some potential new partners with no luck.  I keep hearing that damned line - "We can't work with you because you are a Money Service Business". 
After being in the industry for 2 years now it's FRUSTRATING!  Seriously, the rules you put in place lock out everybody EXCEPT the criminals.  Would a real criminal tell you that they are a forex broker or that they are trying to launder money?  I don't think so.

If they do then they should be on the show World's Dumbest Criminals.  Plus, we know that the "successful" criminals cannot be barred out by these regulations anyway, so who are we kidding? 

Hitting 5000 walls has not stopped me from building this business and though this wall seems larger than the ones before, I'm determined to break you down.

Monday, July 12, 2010

How Employers Think

I'm on the verge of spitting blood going through tons of resumes coming in for our PR and Brand Management position.  I think the job description really captures how fun and awesome this position will be, and its a job that I would have jumped at to do some real hands-on marketing if I wasn't already doing my job as President with PeerFX :)

Here are a couple things I noticed that grinds my gears:

  1. If you can't write a good cover letter that tells me why you will do an awesome job at THIS particular job - don't apply.
  2. If your skills aren't relevant to what's required in the job description - don't apply.
  3. If you have grammar mistakes in your cover letter - don't apply.
  4. I gave each resume a 30 second scan - because the candidate has to contribute to blogs and gain PR focus was on the cover letter.  Are you engaging to read about?  Can you communicate to me why you should be part of the PeerFX team and not just part of any team because you are a "driven, self-motivated, results-oriented" individual?  
  5. You have a hotmail account as your contact email - I would not want the media contacting our PR person at their hotmail address.
  6. If you can't recall where you saw PeerFX before, don't make something up - I do most of the PR so I would know if you actually saw us.
  7. Certifications and other abbreviations behind your name on your business card does not impress employers - we think it comes standard.  Now if you tell us you went on a trip around the world, or built a school in a third world country...let's talk.  Don't email me now trying to convince me that you did those things...what I actually mean is - what makes YOU special?  
That's it for now - I have to go back to shortlisting...I hope the above helps those of you that are looking for jobs right now :)
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear Employer, I am a fantastic candidate for this job...


1) are sending in generic cover letters?

Blows me away how most if not all of the applicants to our PR and Brand Management position send in cover letters that sound like they just changed the name of the company. 

I tuned out immediately after I read the first line.  "Dear Employer/who it may concern/hiring manager, I am a fantastic candidate for this job (because I have this degree). 

Guess what?  Another 10,000 people have this degree as well!  What have YOU done that makes YOU stand out as an individual?  Did you exceed sales quotas by 100%?  200%?  Did you drive tons of additional traffic to your company's website?  Did you get your company President on the cover of prominent business magazines? 

Be specific.  Identify yourself. 

OR....are you a fantastic candidate because...

2) are not researching the company or reading the job description?

You know...we include certain tasks and responsibilities in the job description because its part of the job.  It doesn't say: "well, it would be great if you could do this, but it's ok if you don't."
So if you don't have all that we're looking for in that job, your time is better spent applying for jobs that actually fit your skill set.  That's where you can make a positive impact with your skills; not in a job where you can't shoulder the responsibilities required.   
Some people do manage to get past the first screening and we give them a call.  We usually ask them so...why PeerFX?  Amazingly we get awkward silence on the other side of the line or the attempt to make it sound like they went to the website.

"Umm...I went to your website, you guys do currency exchange right?"


Please. Please. PUH-lease.  My mom has always told me that opportunities come to those who are prepared to capture them; how are you going to capture any opportunities if you don't put any effort in up front?

Think about it.  Come more prepared and then you can stop wondering why you are unemployed.  

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is a Test

Earlier this week when I just got back from LA I was faced with some Monday morning crisis. I say crisis because it was unexpected news that was delivered to me with one week's notice to do something about it.  Usually getting your entire operations set up again takes more than a week.

If I didn't find an alternative solution this crisis could put me out of business.

This is a TEST.

Did it ever make me efficient.  I basically set up an alternative within the same day, sought out several other options to work on and took care of my best customers so service to them wouldn't be interrupted. 

Situations like this test your ability to think clearly in times of crises and I was actually quite happy that I didn't fall into panic mode.  Building the business over the past 2 years I realize that I am a person that freaks over the minute details and thinks clearly when "stuff" hits the fan.

What was my thought process when I got the news?
  1. Can something still be done to maintain the business relationship? Is there someone above this person I'm talking to that can change the decision?   [It's not over until it's over!]
  2. What are my alternatives?
  3. Which one is the easiest, fastest to implement to take care of the short term? Use this to buy time to set up the long-term option.
  4. What options exist in the long-term?
Decide on it then figure out who to call, what steps are required to set up and the time to finishing the set up (getting fully up and running).

I have to say, I was asked how I felt about this test, and frankly at that moment I wanted to say it was fun.  Seriously.  It was something out of the blue and got my blood pumping.

Of course, too much of that leads to heart attacks but once in a while - I can handle it :)