Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This is a Test

Earlier this week when I just got back from LA I was faced with some Monday morning crisis. I say crisis because it was unexpected news that was delivered to me with one week's notice to do something about it.  Usually getting your entire operations set up again takes more than a week.

If I didn't find an alternative solution this crisis could put me out of business.

This is a TEST.

Did it ever make me efficient.  I basically set up an alternative within the same day, sought out several other options to work on and took care of my best customers so service to them wouldn't be interrupted. 

Situations like this test your ability to think clearly in times of crises and I was actually quite happy that I didn't fall into panic mode.  Building the business over the past 2 years I realize that I am a person that freaks over the minute details and thinks clearly when "stuff" hits the fan.

What was my thought process when I got the news?
  1. Can something still be done to maintain the business relationship? Is there someone above this person I'm talking to that can change the decision?   [It's not over until it's over!]
  2. What are my alternatives?
  3. Which one is the easiest, fastest to implement to take care of the short term? Use this to buy time to set up the long-term option.
  4. What options exist in the long-term?
Decide on it then figure out who to call, what steps are required to set up and the time to finishing the set up (getting fully up and running).

I have to say, I was asked how I felt about this test, and frankly at that moment I wanted to say it was fun.  Seriously.  It was something out of the blue and got my blood pumping.

Of course, too much of that leads to heart attacks but once in a while - I can handle it :)

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