Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time Goes By...Fast

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It's almost the end of the month again.

Some people think that it's OK to take a day off and relax. In the case of February, that's 3.5% of your monthly time. Maybe some of us do need to recharge and I'm not against it but the point is...a lot of people aren't aware or just choose to forget the importance of one day.

Just a random thought that hit me sitting here on Saturday morning in beautiful Vancouver. The month has passed me by and I'm reflecting on what progress I've achieved in the past 20 days of February. It's a scary exercise, because what if you think about it and realize that you really haven't done much?

Here are the top things that come to mind that have been achieve in the past 20 days of February:

1) Development of Version 2.0 is about 35% complete - I'm pushing and pushing for us to pick up progress to hit our deadline come end of March
2) Investigated into 2 different potential partner programs that could propel PeerFX forward - investigated means we contacted the parties, set up meetings, exchanged emails on key points, wrote a proposal and figured out the economics (does it make dollars for us to partner?)
3) More promos for Manitoba Chambers of Commerce - slower than we'd like but we're still getting a lot of great feedback
4) New website design for customer interface completed - love it
5) Went to Toronto and met John - who I consider to be a winner for the team :)
6) Interviewed and decided on a new sales rep for PeerFX
7) Read one book per week - just like I said I would. Go New Year Resos!

I still think I could've done more in 20 days, so it's time to pick up the pace!

Back to work!
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Lawrence said...

woh one book a week!

what have you gone thru so far? keep your booklist somewhere online?

Florence said...

I'm thinking of writing a short recap or every book that I finish so I can share some key points that I takeaway from each book - how is your Kindle reader treating you?

Akitio_Rob said...