Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google Buzz and the New Facebook Layout

You know, I like how companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter continuously try to find more efficient ways for me to stay connected with my friends.  Google updated my Gmail today with the new Google Buzz and last night Facebook surprised me by changing its layout as well. 

First of all, it's too much.

Facebook: have tons of people been complaining about how the old layout really sucked?  If they didn't...then why are you just rearranging things on the same page every so often?  Why don't you just build the entire page widget-based so that we build our own page layouts?  Thank you very much.

Google Buzz: You know, I had to add my friends to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc....all these other social platforms that want to jump on the social network bandwagon.  Thanks Google for getting on board - now I need to do that all over again; plus, I have enough emails to read during the day and enough news feeds on my Google Reader that I'm already going insane trying to keep up with all these things. 

One day, these companies are going to go through some awesome merger so that everything can be consolidated in one place :) If only someone had billions of dollars to buy all these companies.

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