Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Economy is Screaming HELP

Some interesting things that I've seen lately is that as unemployment soars in some of the provinces, the government decides to increase taxes (they're going to start taxing me on food too. Gives me another excuse to go on a diet) and grant higher minimum wages.

First rant: The economy is going down the hole - WHY do you want to tax people on basic necessities? We HAVE to eat. As if we're not paying enough taxes already. Now when I buy $100 in food, I don't really get that amount, since $12 goes towards taxes. Adding a tax to previously PST exempt services it going to be great for businesses, it also means more restaurants are going to go out of business as fewer people eat out. Just great for the economy - what kind of geniuses are representing us now?

Second rant: Higher minimum wages. Great idea (NOT). Employers are already struggling to keep their companies ALIVE, and all you want to do is for us to pay higher wages? Do you know how much we PAY to the CRA for each employee? Employees only see the deductions on their paychecks and moan and groan about bringing home a paycheck that's been literally cut in half by CPP and EI deductions.

They may not know, or are oblivious to the fact that their employers are paying the CPP and 1.4 times the EI amount to the CRA. This is where employees think it's "unfair" when they're sitting in the office twirling their pens, going on facebook and leaving work at 4pm. Yes, employers know about that, we just don't have enough "cause" to fire all of the deadwood yet. This economy gives (or already gave) some employers the perfect reason to "downsize".

That's enough for now. Must be heat that's making me rant - 37 degrees outside right now. Enjoy the heat!

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