Thursday, August 6, 2009

$1 Million in Net Income

Ambitious? Yes. Crazy? Maybe. This is what I want to do by year end.

But "I can believe anything given it's quite incredible." - Oscar Wilde

I love business. I love getting business. I love seeing transactions being booked on our website. If I get enough programmers onto our team I would probably start linking the admin function of showing new transactions direct to my Blackberry, so I can keep seeing our transaction volumes go up, up, and UP!

They say that people who publicly discloses their goals are more likely to achieve them. So now that I've shared it with all of our blog have to hold me to my word. In the past month we've seen our transaction volumes grow by a considerable amount, and
we. beat. projections.
in the last month (according to Guy Kawasaki these three words are the most powerful ones you can utter in a board meeting...haha).

We aim to do it again, by doubling our online sales and opening a new stream of sales with our direct sales team - if you're interested in earning some extra income on the side, shoot us an email at to apply for the commissioned salesperson position.

I'm all for the theory of growing the pie together and sharing it with others. If we all make more money in the end. Why not?

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