Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just because you didn't cash my cheque doesn't mean I didn't pay you

I get this account statement from one of my credit cards today along with a letter saying that I didn't make any payments for my last statement.

I momentarily thought that I was the one that had forgotten to mail in the cheque with all the other admin stuff swamping my I went to check on my record of payments from the beginning of the month. Thank goodness I found the cheque stub attached to the statement from last month.

OK. So this means I did mail in a cheque.

The next step I went online to my online banking to check whether they had cashed it. They had.


The letter was dated on the same day that they cashed my cheque. WELL. Is it my fault that YOU received my cheque and YOUR accounting department forgot to cash it? I'm sure it didn't take 7 full business days to get mailed to you. AND you had to hold it for a couple days more until you deposited it.

Because of your lack of operational efficiency I had to read that accusative letter stating that I had not made a payment.

Things need to change for credit cards. I'm getting around to it. Right after PeerFX. haha.

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Dobes said...

Maybe you should try paying your credit card bill using your online banking ... ?

Checks are so ... passe...