Thursday, August 13, 2009

SO...I'm Not So Crazy After All

Read an article called "You Aren't Crazy...You're an Entrepreneur" by Pamela Slim. LOVE how the bracketed term right next to her name says (Escape from Cubicle Nation) - friends that know me know I'm ALL ABOUT THIS. hahaha.

So here's an excerpt:
Once you get over the initial rush of your launch, certain that everything is going to go according to plan, you run into some snags. Your website developer disappears with your site half done. A sure-thing client cancels his project. Your Mom wants her dining room back and you have to start to pay for office space.

The only thing that hasn't happened yet is my mom still lets me use the dining room (YAY mom!)

Last December our developer disappeared.

A sure-thing client disappears before completing sign up - YUP. People forget about sending in their ID documents after signing up online.

So there have been some snags, but if I had the chance to do it all over again, I really wouldn't do it any differently. These things DID give me heart attacks when it happened, not going to lie. BUT, the heart attacks get less and less severe when you realize that "OH, so this stuff is supposed to happen...on a daily basis." Then you start fearing for your health if you had a heart attack every time something like this happened. You learn to deal with it and eventually eat stress for breakfast. AH-HA! That's the life cycle for an entrepreneur running a business!

Reading through the article, apparently I'm in square 3:
Square Three: The Hero’s Saga

Description: You whittle down your big list of business ideas to one that appears to be viable. You launch the business. Everything goes wrong. People criticize you. You question your sanity.

Mantra: This is much worse than I expected, and that’s okay

Recommendation: Don’t get flustered. Expect that things will go wrong. Do not beat yourself up when they do. Focus on tweaking, learning from mistakes, and moving forward. Surround yourself with smart people and good support.

Well things aren't going horribly wrong. In fact, better than I expected. At least we have customers at this point (a big smooch to all of you - THANK YOU). We also have haters. Which is good. The theory is, if the brand/service isn't crazy enough to get lovers AND haters, people are going to neutral about it. We all know what happens to these "neutral" products/services, they are in the middle of nowhere.

I am tweaking, learning from mistakes and surrounding myself with smart people and support. Employees, contractors, lawyers, advisors, somehow everybody is starting to feel like they all belong to the PeerFX family (cheesy I know, but you really need that in a startup).

Lastly, I love the fact that square 3 is Hero's Saga. I'm a Hero! (Yes, that's my ego coming in right there)

You can read the rest of the article here.

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