Thursday, July 23, 2009

Establishing Trust

Since our official service launch, we've been steadily establishing trust with our first batch of customers. There are a couple things I find that are especially effective, and I think I may be stating the obvious:

  1. Provide efficient customer service: I actually give out my personal contact number to my clients, so if they have an issue they can wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me that burning question.
  2. Follow-up: Don't expect a client to keep chasing after you for their issue; that's YOUR job. You want to keep chasing after your clients until they are satisfied with the issue, don't leave your customers chasing you. It's much easier to see why when you put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Have you ever been frustrated when you called a company multiple times and you never get the problem fixed? YUP. You don't want your clients mumbling profanity about your company whenever they think of you.
  3. Keep Customers in the Loop: this applies especially for a service like ours, where we are dealing with people's money. There are customers that are trying online currency exchange for the first time, and we spend the time getting them on board with the service, even if it means we get on the phone with them at 6am in the morning. We reassure them that we know what we're doing and that we're always here to help.
It's so simple to write about it yet so hard to apply it. Customer service does consume a lot of our time and it makes sense, since as a new service to the industry we need to take the time to educate our customers on what makes us different, and customer service is a major component in the highly competitive forex industry.

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