Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer = Vacation?

Just a thought. Why does it seem like everyone classifies summer as THE vacation months of the year? Why does everyone refuse to work during August? Why are these the 'quiet' months for businesses?

For all I know, IF it holds that summer is a vacation month, then businesses like mine should be BOOMING with business. Why? Because we're not targeting huge corporate sales, where everybody gets a summer vacation no matter how brief. We're targeting small businesses that probably won't trade off 2 months of business activity/$INCOME$ for 2 months on the beach. Seriously, unless small business owner CURRENT Bill, wants FUTURE Bill to be in a lot of trouble come September.

I wonder if there's a correlation between the theory of summer being a staple vacation period and third quarter sales? Because if these are the quiet months, then revenue should have slumped as well right? But I don't think people would want to write in their annual report something like this:
"Due to the massive amount of people that took a vacation during the summer months, our third quarter sales have plummeted by 30%."

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PeerFX Guest said...

This is a very relevant point about "summer vacations". I recently posted 8 jobs and 1 of them for PeerFX and got a dismal flow of candidates. I suspect what is happening is that people have indeed taken the summer off or just resigned to the bad news that there are no jobs out there. Also having EI as a safety net can be a bad thing IMHO.