Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Would you rather throw a product out when you know it's not even bare bones ready to meet a launch date or would you wait another 2 weeks.

I chose the latter option. I just went with my gut.

Our service was supposed to launch yesterday - allowing users to sign up and start putting in transactions.

One hold-up though - server migration. We want additional security for our customer information and our admin system as well, which is why we're moving servers before the commercial launch.

Apologies to those users that tried to sign up on the website and discovered that they can't. We are working night and day to roll out the system because we too, are looking to share what we've worked on for 1.5 years with you.

The system will be up early April and we look forward to getting your feedback at that time! The good, bad and the ugly as long as it helps us progress and improve PeerFX!

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