Sunday, November 23, 2008

Progress Update

Where are we now in terms of development?

The core service has been completed and select customers are conducting live transactions on the platform - tremendously exciting for us!

Plans are also underway to build the multi-currency peer-to-peer system. We've lined up a very strong and relevant team to manage this development process and we're confident that we will be able to launch the multi-currency system in Summer 2009.

The launch of our USD/CAD platform will be in Early 2009 as we continually tailor our services to meet the demands of SMEs. We really appreciate all the feedback that we are receiving from our test users. It has helped tremendously in our developent process. In fact, we will be featuring a PeerFX User each month that provides feedback we can actually incorporate into our development process. Your ideas are just as important as ours and you should receive recognition for your contribution!

We are strong believers in the theory that if YOU build it, YOU will come; the best place to find out consumer demands is ASKING THE CONSUMER. Not rocket science.

We will be developing a video that shows a demo transaction on our website and this will be posted on this blog and also on our website. We know that you want to see how the transaction process works before you actually place a transaction - we acknowledge that this is important to you and will have the video ready asap.

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