Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Featured User: Jason C.

This month's Featured User is Jason C.

Jason spent some time going through the transaction process and placing an order with PeerFX on our Closed Testing platform. He emailed us several suggestions that we have decided to implement, which including the following points:

  1. Explain what an EFT is and how to go about setting that up. Jason actually went through the effort of speaking to his bank about setting that up. Our solution is to provide instructions on how to do that in the transaction confirmation email that we send out after you have a booked a tranasction with PeerFX.
  2. WHAT?! There are costs associated with sending you an e-mail money transfer? Yes there are. It can be up to $1.50 for an individual. IF you are a business and have EFT set up through your bank (PeerFX uses DirectLine for Business with the Bank of Montreal) then it can be $0.10 per transaction. Solution: We will also list the associated fees charged by your bank on the transaction confirmation page. We are all about transparency and agree that listing out potential fees charged by your bank is important. Keep in mind that the "hidden fees" are charged by your bank and NOT PeerFX.
We would like to thank Jason for his time and effort put into providing us with his valuable feedback. We look forward to having other users provide us with feedback - YOU included.

YOU can become a registered user today through sending us an email to participate in our Closed Testing system at

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