Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Money Money Money

Yep. I'm sure that's going through a lot of entrepreneurs' minds right now. How do we raise financing in times of a tough economy.

I'm still optimistic. The good investors know that now is a good time to invest when the market is in the valley. They also know that when they see a great opportunity they shouldn't pass on it.

So how much time should you be spending on putting together the materials used for raising financing?

If you're serious about getting that money, put your heart into it. Investors sitting in on your presentation will be able to tell whether you have done your homework and are ready to have them pitch in and help you grow your business.

Spend some time rehearsing your presentation - remember it's you AND your powerpoint that combine to make the "performance" (I feel it's more of a performance to engage the audience than a presentation to "tell" the audience something). If your powerpoint is AWESOME but you're not...well, we all know what's going to happen.

Don't settle for the "at least I tried" outcome. Go in there knowing that your business is the greatest thing in the world and everybody should want a piece of this opportunity!

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