Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Angel Forum

So we presented at the 24th Angel Forum this past Monday. I would like to think that the presentation was AWESOME - I'm glad that it stimulated questions from the audience (so this means they were listening...YAY!) and we had a lot of great questions as well.

We placed 2nd place for best exhibitor and all of that is of course thanks to our designer Hubert Chan. Everyone has repeatedly said that his work is great and consistent.

All in all we had a great experience getting to know other businesses and also the angels. I would recommend that other businesses looking for financing give the 25th Angel Forum a try. The follow up of the forum is well-coordinated and hopefully we hear back from some of the angels over the next few days.

Some key things to note:

1) Angels don't like it when you tell them you need further investment after the Angel Round - even if you're being realistic; I guess nobody wants to know ahead of time that they are going to get diluted?

2) Make your margins high enough to sound like you're squeezing out every possible penny from customers. (I'm sure the investors would feel differently if they were the customers...haha)

3) Deliver your presentation with passion; after all, if you don't believe in your business idea do you expect others to? Investors are investing in YOU - and we all know there's a HUGE difference between someone that loves what they do and someone who doesn't (even if they're extremely smart and knowledgeable).

Back to work now.

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