Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morgan Sturdy

Morgan Sturdy - a person that I knew absolutely NOTHING about going into the VEF Fireside Chat event today. I'm so so so so glad I went; because Morgan is absolutely a general business genius.

What do I mean by 'general business genius'? Well, there are people who specialize in Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc. From the one hour session I could tell that Morgan knew all the principles of running a business extremely well from every aspect. He's the second person who has given me the chills from a speaker session; the other one being my long-time mentor from the Marketing department of the Sauder School of Business.

He's definitely a person that every aspiring entrepreneur should meet since he has been through the ups and downs of building his own business. Launching 2 failed products before a 3rd one hit their customers' 'sweet spot' and venturing into an industry where he had no experience are just two of the many reasons why I admire this guy. Being an entrepreneur, persistence is key; and the most important thing is getting up each time after you fail and giving it another try.

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