Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our First Trade Shows!

This involved 2 days of standing in 4 inch heels. Painful YES; but rewarding. It's very encouraging to see that there is definitely demand in the market for the service that we're offering. Of course there's tons of room for improvement and there were many great ideas that came out of the conversations throughout the 2 days.

We were at the Vancouver Board of Trade Business After Business trade show and today we were at SOHO SME Conference & Expo. SOHO was more tailored for our SME target segment and many people saw the value of our service right away. However, we know that we still need to work on the educational process of letting people know how much it hurts to exchange currency at a retail level using existing methods.

The shows were a great way to get a taste of what it's like to market alongside the bigger players. I love how one person from TD bank came over to our booth to learn more about the business, went back to his booth and shortly afterward the entire team came over to ask about it. Hey, even the banks like it - awesome!

We also got a chance to meet other businesses that would be synergistic in terms of making our system more cost efficient; I also learned another way to "participate" at trade shows without becoming an exhibitor yourself. WORK THE FLOOR. If you register to attend the trade show, you could work your way around each booth and pitch your own business; I know I was approached by several business consultants, job-placement coordinators for practicum students and service reps for other small businesses.

Must say that both trade shows did a great job of putting together their events and it's a great venue to get our start up name out to our audience. We're really looking forward to our launch to the public in the upcoming months! Stay tuned!

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