Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's a Start Up?

Apparently Start Ups are automatically clustered into the general category of "Small Businesses" (SB). In the past couple days I attended a couple events tailored for small businesses, and tax reduction, small business education and encouraging cohesion between small business organizations were hot topics.

All this is great...except that Start Ups are in a totally different space from SBs. For one thing, SBs have revenue! (If they're lucky they may have profits!) Start Ups are in a phase where we're developing a product and revenue is somewhere in the future; which means that tax cuts are also a thing that we will benefit from in the future...but not until we get out of the red!

End of the day, my opinion is that there are organizations out there that are looking to help Start Ups but they need to come together! When I first started my business I knew that the Board of Trade was for networking and if you wanted resources on writing a business plan or how to incorporate your business you would go to Small Business BC. I was fortunate enough that my friend told me about IRAP, which provides funds to support Start Up companies with their development and management team growth.

Key point is that these resources are scattered - it's GREAT that everyone is looking to help, but please combine forces and let me find you at ONE location instead of 500 - Gas is expensive nowadays.

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