Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Google may not be Making a HUGE Mistake Leaving China

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Over the past week there have been many articles popping up on rss feeds and other blogs that I follow that say it's a HUGE mistake for Google to leave China.

The main focus seem to revolve around the 1.3 billion people that are in China making up the potential userbase for Google. The articles also reference the large amount of growth in internet usage in China and that it's projected to keep increasing.

My thoughts.  SO WHAT?  Google management may be thinking that it's not the right timing for them to continue expanding in the China market right now, with the government regulations and hackers amongst other issues that they have run into in this market.  Why are the writers making it sound like they are leaving China forever?  They almost sound like they have read and know of Google's management direction. 

Plus, focusing on the huge population in China as the main reason why Google shoudn't leave the market is silly.  That's pretty much the same as entrepreneurs that pitch: "if we only got 1% of this market, then we'll be rich."

If Google does end up leaving the China market temporarily, I think they are taking the time to regroup their market re-entrance strategy and will come back stronger than before.

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