Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Body Says Stop + New Look for PeerFX

I love hanging out at Chapters/any bookstore to get a sneak peek at some new books.  I picked up The Secret the last time I was there and read a couple pages to see if it's any good.  I remember reading something along the lines of you attract everything that happens to you in life.

WELL, that being said, my body is clearing telling me that I need some rest. After my attempt at a vacation in Hong Kong and Japan, where I spent half of my time working and the rest with family, traveling, etc. my body was ready for a crash.  It kind of hit the blue screen of death (for all you Windows users ;)  )

Things are still moving along quite well with the new look for PeerFX up on the site now - go check it out and leave your comments here so we can continue to improve our site.  A note though - we see that the resolution is a bit wonky on some browsers where the page loads unusually large.  Again, for my mac it works fine :)  I love my mac.

Time to rest up and fight again tomorrow!
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