Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is an Angel Investor?

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Taking a short break from work to write about this thought.

Just skimmed through my Google Reader posts and read a post on What is The Definition of an Angel Investor?  I am pondering the same thing after I read the author's opinion on what he thinks it is. 

PeerFX is in the midst of positioning ourselves for expansion capital right now and I thought we were looking for angels to invest.  After reading the post and seeing the quantitative definition of an angel being an investor that invests $25,000 as seed capital into at least one company each year, I wasn't sure our investment round is in the angel realm anymore.

We are definitely looking for something in the 6 figure category, and if $25,000 is considered a regular-sized investment, and $50,000 is already considered a super angel, then I think I need to jump out of the angel investment category.  So, what's the next step up?
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