Thursday, April 23, 2009

FREE Stuff Attracts Skeptics

We spent an hour and a half searching for video screen capture software for my Macbook.

We went through 5 different "FREE" downloads and got progressively more depressed as each program replayed our video screen captures with a watermark of their logo.

Maybe we were too tired to catch on...but...we finally figured that it wasn't actually FREE - the catch was that they hope the watermark logos SMACK right in the middle of your videoclip will entice you to pay for the full version of the software.

WHY DO YOU CALL IF FREEWARE THEN?! (this is me with bloodshot eyes at 9:30pm and still trying to find the FREE software).

The point is...I had totally forgotten to do what a usual customer would do, ask: "What's the Catch?"

Applied to our own situation, after we go through our pitch of significant savings, online booking and locking in the exchange rate at the time you book...we get these skeptical looks and then the question: "So...what's the catch?"

So here it is:

Just because we're saving you money does not mean we're not making any money. We still take a percentage transaction fee. That's it. We just don't have the crazy overhead that financial institutions have. We don't have to carry currency reserves either (oh thank you P2P model). You find it hard to believe that we can live off such thin margins but that's exactly what we're doing.

That's reasonable right?


Dobes said...

You should ask the people at FreshBooks what they are using these days. There are some good non-free screencast tools for the Mac, but they're only like $80.

Jing is free and good but lacks advanced editing features:

We're not on a Mac so the good screencast software costs a few hundred dollars. Even then it's tempting - better software can save you enough time that it's worth the price.

Also, why not have memberships with a monthly fee and a discounted transaction rate? Might encourage loyalty ...

Good luck on your venture!

Florence said...

Hi Dobes! Thank you for your comment. Yes, Jing was one of the ones we tried out but I think we eventually went with iShowU and it has worked for us so far - since it exports in a format compatible for editing on iMovie.

We are constantly considering how we can tweak our strategy to encourage loyalty and your suggestion has been something that we've thought about. It's a tough one since we don't want to make the barriers high for our first users. It will be an option later on.