Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Update of Where We Are

It's been a week since I've written and here's a little update to let you know what PeerFX has been busy with.

  1. Preparing for our FINTRAC audit - which took place yesterday - I did expect them to find some deficiencies in record keeping with some of our initial customer records when our online system was still in testing.  Knowing your friends and family isn't enough - you still need to write down their ID numbers.  Sorry mom - FINTRAC made me do it.
  2. Completing our new system - it will look nicer, be easier to work with and much more secure in its foundation setup and scalability.  It will also be the platform that we build our multi-currency system on.  I'm excited.  Are you?
  3. SALES: The good news is that the first week of March has brought us some awesome sales numbers.  Would love to have this trend keep going for the rest of the month.  We were busy throughout the week getting deals done; gotta love it.
  4. MONEY:  Yes - the other side of the equation is getting investment in so that we can invest in development, salespeople and marketing.  Tough but possible - I'm on it!
Amongst the 4 things above, I am also putting out fires everyday as all managers and other execs do.  Oh yay!

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    Lawrence said...

    Yes i am one of the excited one! =)