Wednesday, March 24, 2010

59 Seconds - Richard Wiseman Part 2

As promised, here's the rest of the review on the book. Some of the key interesting things I found and think both you and I can apply in our everyday lives.

The remaining areas are: Relationships, Stress, Decision making, Parenting and Personality

Relationships: Wanting to start a relationship? Staring for even a few seconds in a person's eyes will help develop mutual attraction. Rekindling a relationship? Do things that you would do as if it were still "early" in the courtship period. Read: something exciting.

Stress: Go somewhere with sunshine. At higher temperatures and sunshine, people are in a better mood and improved their memory. Also, being conscious of the activities that you are doing every day that are helping you burn calories will actually make you lose weight without doing anything extra. Start counting those calories from walking 2 flights of stairs, carrying 4 bags of groceries, etc.

Decision Making: Want to know if someone is lying to you? Ask them to email you. 14% of people lie in emails, 21% in texts, and 27% in person. WHAT?! And you thought seeing their facial expressions and body language would be a total giveaway.

Parenting: praise your kids for their effort, not for their achievements. Kids praised for their efforts will think that they should keep working hard for their achievements, whereas the same can't be said for kids praised for their achievements.

Personality: I wish I could share the short personality test in the book but I probably shouldn't. Here's a tip though, if you want to find out the personality of someone that you're with, ask them to describe their pet's personality; research shows that a pet's personality is a reflection of the owner themselves.

So there you have it. My first book review and many more to come! Hope you enjoyed this one.

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