Monday, December 14, 2009

Secret Santa Online


It seems like everything is moving online nowadays.  My friends and I were chatting about playing Secret Santa for Christmas since for once in three years we will all be in the same part of the world, so getting actual gifts and hand-delivering them just seemed like an awesome thing to do.

Our issue: all of us are super busy workaholics, so...who wants to manage the Secret Santa game? 

No problem - there must be something online - and there it was,

Apparently it has a patent-pending algorithm that does the matching.  I love how even secret santa can be patent-pending.  For all the investors out there are go googoo gaga over IP, maybe they should consider investing into that - it's patent-pending after all :)

Oh I just had to get a cheap shot out of that - I still love all you smart investors out there.

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