Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back from a Short Break

So I'm back from a short break away. 

Technically I never made it away from work - felt more like I was working remote from another country.  My Blackberry never left me so my emails kept reaching me.  Sometimes I admire people who are able to turn off their cell phones, PDAs or any other device that promotes instant communication. 

Maybe next time I should leave the Blackberry at home and travel without it.  I might just try that when I head over to Asia next week.  I intend of having some actual time away, so this means I will be working around the clock before I leave - fortunately I have our team taking care of things while I'm gone.  Good to have reliable people around.

One interesting note is that on my way back from San Francisco I was flipping through National Post and saw my friend's company featured in one of the articles.  The company is called Polar Mobile and it looks like they're doing really well - congrats!

Good things happening all around :)

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