Thursday, June 4, 2009

Website Traffic up....5333% ???

That sounds like a HUGE number.

Which is awesome.

And no...we're NOT talking about the type of growth like this: "We have DOUBLED our viewership over the past month!" (When you only had 20 in the first place...haha)

So I'm guessing that the Adwords campaign we're running is doing pretty good. Or from the first batches of transactions that we're running, our users are helping us spread the word since they've seen the results and the savings. I'm actually hoping it's the latter, since that means we're delivering on what we promised - savings on currency exchange.

We're encouraged by the fact that users have tried out the system with smaller amounts, proven that they get their money as promised, and are coming back with larger transactions. We have these early adopters to thank for helping us build credibility for our service.

We're in the midst of setting our sales goals for the upcoming months, and since it's been proven that sharing goals with others will make people adhere to them better, I'm hoping that I will be able to share them on this blog so our readers can keep us on our toes.

More to come on this later!

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