Thursday, February 5, 2009

PeerFX Investment Forum

...was a huge success!

Thank you to all that attended the event. We generated interest both within the room and internationally with some immediate phone calls made overseas right after the presentation. The following week will be super busy since we have to prepare the investors' package to send out and schedule follow-up meetings.

I had a lot of fun presenting (as I always have - what can I say - I love attention...haha) and it was fun to present with a partner again :)

Our presentation will be webcasted on our website once the video edits are done (expected to be completed by Monday). We will then send the webcast details to international investors that we've spoken to previously.

Are YOU interested? We are raising $1M in equity financing to commercialize our first currency pair and develop our multi-currency system. Get in touch with us at

Another thing to note is that our Beta Testing will be closed from this point on until our commercial launch for the first currency pair (USD/CAD) in late March 2009.

I can't believe that PeerFX is finally ready for public use. It's super super super SUPER exciting for Julien and I.

More to come on the actual launch date in March and thank you all for your patience over the past year!

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