Wednesday, February 18, 2009

7am Workouts


I'm finally out of the cast now but my ankle is still fat and sore. That doesn't stop me! I've been hobbling around downtown on crutches for the past two months already. Quite a scene I must say...since I haven't given up on dressing up for meetings even though I have a 50-pound cast on my leg.

So. We're two weeks away from our launch and things are getting really interesting around here. We're thinking of crazy marketing ideas since our budget is super tight. Maybe I will be running around downtown in a costume made of $5 bills and a PeerFX sign (Nono. Our budget isn't THAT tight.)

We're squeezing in several more development requirements into our small budget with our contracted development team and they've been awesome to accommodate us. Go find them to do your development too - Evident Point Software Corp. in Richmond, BC. Experience, work ethics and quality are three words that always come up when I chat with other locals about this company.

Operations-wise I've been chasing down my contacts at our bank for transaction cutoff times and of course obtaining better deals on transaction fees. I wonder where this conversation will go...(if ANYWHERE?)

We've secured more runway for our business which is great but it also means that in the short-term we're going to have to make every dollar work for us like it was TWO! YAY.

Back to working on outlining our milestones for the next couple months.

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