Thursday, May 7, 2009

Customer Service Hello?

After spending an hour trying to reset my password for my Windows Live account I decided that I must blog about this.

I tried signing into my Windows Live account today to check my email and it won't let me sign in. Weird. So I check my firewall settings, internet proxy settings, etc. All the things that they listed on their help page I went through. Of course none of them worked.

I'm searching around online and everywhere for an actual customer service person. Nowhere in sight. There's a user community that lists the exact same solutions as in the help page. There's not even a place where you can send a customer service person an email to ask for help on my account.

Now. Email being extremely important to everyone in business. How would you feel if you were locked out of your email account for a day and nobody was there to help you. You couldn't even feel reassured that you sent them an email requesting help?

This has definitely been a big negative experience and I will probably tell thousands of people about it. Maybe I should mail them a book on how to provide better customer service - because right now there's ZERO customer service. Thanks Hotmail.

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