Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas...!*

So, somehow I manage to break my leg on Christmas Day.

The entire time I thought I had just sprained my ankle from the fall but turns out it's fractured in 2 places. I am keeping the details of the accident a secret so I can make up awesome stories about how I broke my leg :)

Well since I broke my right leg it means I won't be starting off 2009 on the "right" leg unfortunately but I'm not going to let a broken leg stop me from all my PeerFX plans for January!

A couple of investor forums coming up so it will be a busy strategy month for us. The past month we have been testing which ancillary services make sense to add to the core forex that has kept us busy in terms of researching the viability of such services and asking for the opinions of all our "stakeholders" - customers, partners, investors, our own team etc. I am committed to the belief that everything a business does should increase the size of the entire pie so that every stakeholder group gets MORE instead of just redistributing amongst the groups.

...I think posting on the company blog right after you break your leg is an indication that I am a workaholic? I think this is a test for how much pain I can take since I am refusing to take painkillers.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone and drive/walk carefully out there as it's still snowing and super slippery!

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