Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Security Means for Your Brand

An interesting episode that happened over the weekend.

I checked my blackberry in the morning and over the course of one day I got about 2 dozen emails from Central 1. All of them weren't sent out by Central 1.

Which is weird. Because I thought only Central 1 administrative employees would have access to my direct email. Now everyone else on the Central 1 customer list had my direct email because people started replying to that thread wondering if someone had hacked into Central 1's system.

As a customer, I was wondering why over the course of an entire day that nothing was being done about it. OH. You know why? It's because people were all on HO-LI-DAY. Yup. This is more important than making sure that your customers knew what was up with all this email leakage mess.

I'm surprised that there was nobody monitoring this at all and waited until the long weekend was over to fix the issue. Seriously?

This probably was detrimental to Central 1's brand, and made me learn an important lesson - never let EVERYBODY go on vacation at once - somebody's got to "take one for the team" and monitor the system. Even though they apologized and said this would be a one time issue...it has already happened once and this erodes customer confidence in the brand; so of course the conclusion is to not let this happen to your own brand by implementing preventive measures.

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