Monday, December 10, 2007

Why PeerFX?

"I want to work on PeerFX with you."

That's music to my ears baby.

I've heard that once this past week and I'm thinking of seriously bringing her onto the team. I see a drive, passion, commitment that money can't buy. On relevant skills? I believe that skills can be developed and both of us are in it to learn together. I can't say that I have the most relevant skill set for the business either! But here I am!

The past weeks have been stressful dealing with my partners on the shareholder agreement issues; I'm so fortunate to have my advisor help me out with the legalities of the agreement and to make sure that I am protected as well. Thanks Irf. I'm spending $1500 on that agreement - 20 pages of paper. I suddenly want to go to law school instead.

I need to have someone share the passion I have for the business. The gleam I have in my eyes when I talk about it and the excitement of making an idea a reality. I admire those that have the courage to venture into the unknown and frankly this new candidate that I've been speaking to has that. I just want to make sure they are taking a "calculated" risk and not just risking everything to be part of a new Start Up business because it's just. so. cool.

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