Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time in the Trenches 3: PR Timing

SO. We have aired on Dragons' Den. Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

Now for the crazy number of emails filling up my inbox. Double Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Now reality hits and I'm concerned with my marketing/promotional efforts coming too far ahead of our service launch.

We've received so many emails asking when they can start transacting. What do we do. What do we do? Obviously we can't speed up our development given that we're still in the due diligence phase with the deal. Can we actually go and shop around for other deals right now? (edit: YES YOU CAN. YES YOU CAN. YES YOU CAN!!! We thought we couldn't. Well, at least I learned my lesson early on.)

Lesson Learned: Time your marketing efforts so that it coincidences with some huge event coming up a month or so after it. It would be perfect if we could launch the service next month and start having people transact on it. The publicity from the exposure on the show can only last us so advice is PLAN ahead for publicity/marketing. I'm totally kicking myself that the service isn't "ready to go". I guess the good thing is at least we're taking the time to ensure the quality of our service platform before we throw it out there to you guys?

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